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Educational and cultural institutions are at the heart of a thriving and engaged society. We work with government and private bodies, including educators, funders, developers and contractors, to deliver high-performing primary, secondary and higher education facilities, as well as research and cultural amenities.

We understand that educational facilities must be cost-effective not only to build, but also to run and maintain. They must be flexible and multi-purpose, and be able to accommodate future technology advances with minimal cost. They must also attract and inspire students, teachers and researchers alike, taking into account modern learning and teaching philosophies, such as collaboration and creativity.

Whether you require traditional teaching rooms or theatres, libraries or world-class laboratories, print facilities, or swimming and sports amenities, we are experienced in delivering a broad range of education projects within varied budgets and timeframes. We work with you to respond to diverse social and economic contexts and provide tailored solutions to your needs.

We understand the challenges associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements. For redevelopments, expansions and retrofits we make sure that access and minimal disruption throughout construction is achieved.  


Matt Hill

Matthew Hill

Executive General Manager – QLD

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New Zealand
Priyani de Silva-Currie

Priyani de Silva-Currie

Business Unit Leader – Asset Management

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South-East Asia
SH Leong Headshot

SH Leong

Executive General Manager – Asia

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