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Puzzling World Illusion Scultpure Garden
Noble Park Aquatic Centre
Maribyrnong Sports Academy
Sports, recreation and tourism facilities are vital to both a community's identity and its economy. There is an expectation for facilities and venues to be not only functional, but also visually striking, high-performing and multi-purpose. If built for a specific occasion, your site must also afford enduring value and use beyond the event’s completion.

Whether you are a developer, government body, consultant or contractor, we can assemble the right team to meet your needs. We understand and have experience in meeting the challenges associated with a variety of developments, from the structural demands of major stadiums, to the planning intricacies of community parks.  

We understand your challenges, be they associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements. Depending on your vision, we can provide the means to make even the most imaginative ideas a concrete reality – from structural and civil engineering, to water and environmental design, planning and contract administration.

Eden Park Temporary Stadium



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