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We work with major developers, contractors and retailers to create engaging and effective retail environments that attract patrons, enable businesses to operate efficiently, and provide developers a greater return on investment.

We understand the constantly evolving nature of retail and the need for adaptability, as well as the demand for sustainable solutions. We also know that consumer expectations continue to increase and there is pressure for retail environments to provide greater choice, convenience, comfort and pleasure.

From local strip malls to major shopping centres, we are experienced across the scope of retail development. If you want your retail spaces to better meet the needs of retailers and patrons, we can work with you – delivering design that makes better use of natural lighting and ventilation, enhances pedestrian flow, and improves energy consumption.

We understand the challenges associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements. For redevelopments and expansions we recognise that staged development and tenant and customer access throughout construction is an absolute necessity.

Increasingly, retail spaces are situated within mixed-use developments and harmony must be found between residential, commercial, leisure, educational, health or even transportation functions. Our experience across numerous market sectors means that we understand the unique requirements of each function and can accommodate the priorities of all stakeholders.

I have used members of the Calibre Consulting team for as long as I can remember as our go to commercial Structural Engineer. This project was no exception, with the inclusion of their civil consulting division. With 26 consultants involved it was imperative that all consultants understood the vision and the passion we were aiming for. We work closely with Calibre in every detail to achieve a fantastic outcome.
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