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An expanding population, escalating land prices and high demand for inner or near city living means there is an increasing need for residential developments that maximise available land and combine conveniences. Redevelopments and expansions of existing spaces are also key in meeting the residential demands of today.

Whether you are an owner, developer, architect, builder, contractor or project manager, we can assist you to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver your residential project.

In collaboration with all project stakeholders our priority is buildable and liveable solutions. We understand your need to not only produce timely designs which bring the development to market faster, but also the need to create desirable, functional living spaces that will attract high-quality tenants and greater return on investment.

We understand your challenges associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements, such as building on known fault lines and above underground rail lines, or within heritage sites.

More and more, there is a trend towards residential spaces incorporating retail and entertainment facilities. Our experience across numerous market sectors means that we understand the unique challenges of each function and can accommodate these multiple and sometimes competing requirements to balance the priorities of all stakeholders.

The format of the Barangaroo Stage 1A basement project was unusual in that it was a geotechnical-led design, requiring strong collaboration between the structural and the geotechnical consultants which Calibre Consulting did with ease.
Frances Badelow, (former) Geotechnical Manager, Coffey
Calibre Consulting have taken an extremely balanced approach to the structural design of the York and George tower. Their deep understanding of the project's constraints and ambition has been instrumental in reaching the site's full development potential.
Gareth Sneade, (former) Investment & Development Manager, Fife Capital



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