International Development Assistance

Tuvalu Borrow Pit Filling (Before)
Mystery Island Tender Jetty
Tuvalu Borrow Pit Filling (After)

We are passionate about working with our clients to help developing communities thrive. Through our ongoing role in development assistance in the Asia-Pacific region, we are committed to providing solutions that are locally appropriate and sustainable in the long-term.

From disaster relief and climate response initiatives, to fisheries warehouses and social housing projects, our goal is to work with government and non-government organisations to help communities overcome environmental, social and economic adversities.

We understand that the challenges involved in providing international development assistance often include working in very remote locations and within diverse political and cultural environments. Communication and pre-planning are therefore key to our approach.

We work closely with both our clients and the communities we assist to create tailored and practical solutions that are appropriate to the unique social and environmental contexts. We invest heavily in community engagement and the pre-planning phase to ensure there are no delays during execution.

As a multidisciplinary company we take a solutions-based approach. From bridge replacements to reclamation feasibility studies and borrow pit infills, we go to great lengths to bring together the necessary expertise and resources, along with the right mindset and approach, to deliver a wide range of projects.


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