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Whether you are a provider, developer or government organisation, we can provide independent and strategic advice about delivering, planning and managing your asset portfolio.

Between an aging population and society’s demands for medical advancements, health, aged care and retirement facilities represent one of the largest and fastest growing market sectors. All health and aged care providers are under enormous cost pressures, within a context of shifting and increasing consumer expectations.

For these developments to succeed, they must be commercially viable, high-performing, adaptive, and satisfy the needs of end-users and their families. Desirability and comfort must be achieved alongside economic considerations, functionality, safety, and versatility. Technology advancements must also be provided for, now and in coming decades.


The special requirements of therapeutic environments demand a special kind of expertise. We work with both public and private sector providers to help deliver world-class, high-performing facilities.

We understand that health facilities must be cost-effective not only to build, but also to run and maintain. For redevelopments, expansions and retrofits we can provide for staged and safe development, as well as tenant and visitor access throughout construction.

Aged Care and Retirement

Presently, future demand will not be satisfied by current supply. What was once a cottage industry is now a highly professional, capital intensive industry. Land use policy and development strategies of just a few years ago are being transformed to meet these changing demands.

If you want to be better informed of future strategic options, particularly site acquisition and the likely future needs of health and care providers, talk to us. We have prepared multiple industry reports on the topic and can provide you specialist insight.

We have been involved in the development of several large aged care and retirement facilities, from master planned communities and large-scale subdivisions, to medium-density townhouses and retirement villages.

Calibre Consulting have listened to our vision and designed solutions that provide development outcomes far better than we could have expected.
Bevan Geissmann, Joint Managing Director, Halcyon Development
Without the hard work and dedication of Calibre Consulting, it would not have been possible for the hospitals to start constructions in the committed timeframes.
Brook Tompson, Project Manager, Stockland


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