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As our global population expands so does the demand for energy, resources and utilities. Asset owners are under increasing pressure to deliver returns to shareholders, manage community expectations and plan for the future.

With the need to optimise operations and expedite project delivery, we provide multidisciplinary services to support your requirements.

From the red dusts of the Pilbara to the energy demands of Singapore, our experience in the energy, resources and utilities sector is vast. From light and heavy haul roads, bridge and rail design, to traffic assessments and studies we can help create or improve access to your assets.

We can advise on bulk earthworks, drainage, erosion and sediment control, water supply and sewage, as well as mining camp design. In addition, our structural design capabilities have seen to the fast and cost-effective delivery of industrial buildings, warehouses and workshops.

Hydrology expertise is offered in the way of flood management, catchment modelling, stormwater management, drainage system modelling, floodways, channels and detention basins, pollution control studies, water quality management, and stormwater harvesting.


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Matthew Hill

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Philip Hoby

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South-East Asia
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