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Commercial properties today must be attractive, functional, versatile, sustainable and economical. Tenants expect more from their business and work spaces, and owners need to minimise costs and ensure asset longevity.

Whether you are an owner, developer, architect, builder, contractor or project manager, Calibre Consulting can assist you to more efficiently and cost-effectively develop or expand your commercial property. We have ample experience in the delivery of new buildings as well as urban renewal, and are skilled in refurbishment and retrofits.

Our goal is to maximise your development’s viability and facilitate enduring market value. We aim to maximise usable floor space, improve energy and water consumption, and create collaborative, open spaces that reflect the practices of the modern workforce or retail shopper.

We understand the challenges associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements. For redevelopments, expansions and retrofits we recognise that staged and safe development, as well as tenant and visitor access throughout construction is a necessity.

The Rotorua Police Station is not just a building… [it’s] a reflection of policing today and policing of the future. The building itself has been carefully thought through to reflect the people and the history of the city and we endeavour to make it both welcoming and professional.
Superintendent Glenn Dunbier, Bay of Plenty District Commander, New Zealand Police



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